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    Experience gentle and secure sleep with the perfect baby bed. Peaceful nights for not only your baby but also for you.

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    Enhance longevity and well-being with sustainable and high-quality materials.

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  • Beds That Grow With Your Child

    No need for changes after a few months. Our baby beds grow with and accompany your child for years.

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Get to know us

ComfortBaby® as a brand is first and foremost a family. At the origin of the brand that is now known worldwide was a young family expecting a baby. That was when the development of the legendary SmartGrow 7in1™ began. The aim was not only to create a visually beautiful and high-quality design, but also to design an intelligent, convertible cot that would grow with the baby. One of the most important goals in creating a unique product was also to save money and time for young families. The founders of Comfortbaby® wanted to invent a product that would save parents from spending time and money searching for and buying new furniture in the years to come. The fact that at the origin of the ComfortBaby® brand there was a young family expecting a child gave a real understanding of the needs and wishes of the future buyers. Thanks to this fact, as well as the psychological and business training of the brand's creators, ComfortBaby's first multifunctional, high-quality product was born: the SmartGrow 7in1 Cot.

ComfortBaby® currently sells the most desired and sought-after baby furniture. Multifunctional patented baby bed models transform and grow with your baby. For every family, ComfortBaby® is a wise investment and saves time for years to come. The family-run company, led by its founders, takes into account that every parent has their own unique taste. That's why we offer bed models in different styles: from classic versions to modern and contemporary models.

The ComfortBaby® family is a sworn team in which people are responsible for high-quality production. All products are made from high-quality, ecologically sustainable materials in the EU. Due to short delivery routes, the company's eco-balance is impressively low. There is a professional, cheerful atmosphere in ComfortBaby®'s production, which gives each product a positive energy aura.

Today ComfortBaby® and more than 500,000 customers around the world are one big family. Thanks to a large and active social media community

Instagram - ~200.000 active subscribers

Facebook - ~800.000 active subscribers

Comfortbaby® maintains an effective dialogue with its customers and families around the world, sharing their experiences. The company's product range includes sought-after products for the baby room. The range is available in both classic and unique designs.




Here you will find a nice selection of children's furniture and baby textiles. Whether a gift for friends and acquaintances or a baby bed for your own child. At ComfortBaby you can order everything directly online and have it delivered to your home.

ComfortBaby is a leader in the multifunctional baby bed segment. Even our bassinets or changing tables are a visual delight and create a stir in any baby room.

We hope you enjoy browsing and shopping.


The pregnancy test was positive, the anticipation of the new addition to the family is growing, but the nursery is still empty? Of course, as parents-to-be, you too will quickly become aware of everything that is coming up and what still needs to be done. ComfortBaby helps you to make the right decisions in the long term. We support you in choosing the right Baby Cot or Pram and offer you a wide range of baby bedding and accessories. We make products that can support and encourage the emotional bond with your child.


Our multifunctional baby beds such as the SmartGrow 7in1 or its big brother the SweetDream 10in1. are particularly practical and durable. Even if your little ones grow way too fast, these baby beds can be enlarged, extended or even converted into a completely new piece of furniture in no time at all. In addition to a changing table, playpen or extra bed, many other pieces of children's furniture, including a desk, can be made from it. In the first weeks of your newborn's life, a bassinet is suitable as a sleeping option or baby bed. Later, it can be used to allow your baby to participate actively and easily in everyday life. You also have the option of furnishing a complete nursery with our baby furniture. In particular, our children's beds, which resemble a children's house, are a highlight in the children's rooms. For soon to follow discovery tours in sunny weather after a nap in one of our baby beds and big excursions, we have our Strollers in our extensive range. It not only looks good and has won a design award, it is also multifunctional, has two different baskets and several adjustable elements. You can easily order additional accessories for our products online. We always try to stay up-to-date and adapt our range to your needs.