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Baby crib SweetDream 10in1 Extension

Baby crib SweetDream 10in1 Extension

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Elevate Your Nursery Experience with the SweetDream 10in1™ Baby Crib Extension Pack

Experience serene nights right from birth with the SweetDream 10in1™, a multifunctional and evolving baby bed designed for healthy and restful sleep for both you and your baby. The NEWBORN package, tailored for the first year, offers four setup variations, allowing you to choose the perfect companion for your everyday life. Enhance the SweetDream 10in1™ with this EXTENSION PACKAGE, providing an additional six transformations for continued adaptability.

Versatile and Customizable Sleep Solutions

The NEWBORN package includes mattresses with removable, washable covers, 4 rubberized tread castors with brakes, and an optional locking strap for secure attachment to the parents' bed. The SweetDream 10in1™ serves as an ideal everyday companion, transforming from a bassinet and rollaway bed to a fully freestanding crib. Adjust the sleeping area as your baby grows, using it as a higher lying surface for the first weeks and converting it into a playpen as your baby becomes more active.

Freedom of Movement and Peaceful Sleep

Each bed version can be equipped with castors, allowing you to move your baby safely and securely from room to room. The SweetDream 10in1™ NEWBORN is designed to accompany you from the first day until the 1st year of life. Whether you have twins or need extra beds in different locations, this practical crib fits seamlessly into various spaces, including box spring beds, living room sofas, or standard parent's beds.

Unrivaled Quality for Your Baby's Well-being

The SweetDream 10in1™ Baby Bed is crafted with a decade of expertise in designing and producing high-quality baby beds. Handcrafted in Europe using natural materials, the crib features saliva-resistant, child-friendly water-based paint, certified to the highest standards. Compliant with European DIN standards, this stylish crib has earned numerous design awards, ensuring both safety and aesthetic appeal.

Easily Expandable for Extended Comfort

Choose the SweetDream 10in1™ for a baby cot that grows with your child up to the age of 10 and beyond. The NEWBORN package provides a perfect start and can be effortlessly extended later with the extension package, offering added convenience and adaptability.

Perfect for Twins and Sustainable Living

The SweetDream 10in1™ is an ideal solution for twins, providing the option for two identical extra beds. This versatile crib is committed to sustainable living, with carefully selected ecological materials produced sustainably, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable companion for both you and your baby.

Experience Peaceful and Healthy Sleep with SweetDream 10in1™

Choose the SweetDream 10in1™ Baby Bed for an easily expandable, versatile, and sustainable solution that ensures peaceful and healthy sleep for you and your baby.


  • ✔ Newborn Paket needed
  • ✔ 6 additional conversion variants
  • ✔ Infinitely adjustable lying surface
  • ✔ Can be used up to the age of 10 and longer
  • ✔ Ecological solid wood
  • ✔ Including mattresses
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