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Baby Crib SweetDream 10in1 Newborn

Baby Crib SweetDream 10in1 Newborn

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The multifunctional, growing baby bed SweetDream 10in1™ is the perfect solution for healthy and restful sleep for you and your baby.

The NEWBORN package is perfect for the first day and accompanies you from the first day until the age of 1. Decide for yourself which of the 4 different set-up variations is the ideal companion for you in everyday life. Later you can also purchase the ADVANCED PACKAGE to get 6 more transformations.

The mattresses optionally included in the NEWBORN package have removable, washable covers. Also included are 4 castors with rubberised tread and brakes. Optionally, a special locking strap can also be purchased for a secure hold on the parents' bed.



In the beginning there is the possibility to use the cot as a bassinet and as a rollaway bed at the same time.

The SweetDream 10in1™ can also be set up completely freestanding. Depending on the age of your baby, you can adjust the sleeping area. In the first few weeks, you can set the lying surface higher. As soon as your baby learns to sit or stand up, you can lower it and use it as a playpen.

Each bed version can be equipped with castors. Enjoy the freedom of moving your baby safely and securely from room to room.



The SweetDream 10in1™ NEWBORN accompanies you from the first day until the 1st year of life. Use two extra beds in parallel in different places or for twins. Whether it's a box spring bed, a living room sofa or a standard parent's bed, the practical SweetDream 10in1™ can be used everywhere.

The baby cot convinces with its high quality. It is made of carefully selected, natural materials and offers the unique possibility that your baby always has its own safe and comfortable place to sleep. This guarantees a healthy sleep


The multifunctional, adjustable SweetDream 10in1™ baby bed is the best solution for healthy sleep from the first day to the 10th year of life.

This Newborn Pack includes the first 4 transformations:
1. Two bedside cribs

✔ The bedside crib is especially essential in the first months for the mental balance of your baby and your comfort.
✔ The SweetDream 10in1™ provides the unique opportunity for your baby to always have their own safe and comfortable space, ensuring a healthy sleep.
✔ This transformation is also a good choice for families with twins.
✔ The continuously adjustable sleeping surface of the baby bed allows you to set the floor position individually.
✔ Your new SweetDream 10in1™ fits on any parent's bed, box spring bed, or living room sofa.
✔ The optional mattresses in the NEWBORN package come with removable covers and include 4 wheels with rubber treads and brakes. An optional special locking strap can also be purchased.

Usable for up to approximately 6 months.
Continuous height adjustment of the sleeping surface.
✔ Dimensions of the bedside cribs for children: L×W×H: 77cm × 37cm × 76cm.

2. Closed children's bed (crib/cradle)

✔ The main advantage of this transformation is practical freedom of movement.
✔ Thanks to the rubber treads, the parquet wheels protect your floor and ensure a very quiet rolling noise.



With our 10 years of expertise in the design and production of high quality baby beds, we proudly present the SweetDream 10in1™. The baby cot you've been looking for. We lovingly handcraft the baby cots in Europe using only natural and high quality materials. Saliva-resistant, child-friendly water-based paint - certified, of course. We work strictly according to European DIN standards. And by the way, the SweetDream 10in1™ also looks stylish - as attested by the numerous design awards our baby beds have won.


✔ Multi-functional, baby bed/ children's bed with growing concept
✔ Made of solid and ecological beech wood
✔ Variable mattress height adjustment or 5 different heights (approx. 6cm, 18cm, 29cm, 41cm, 49cm)
✔ Further accessories and extensions are available
✔ Ideal for twins
✔ Mattress, screws and wheels included
✔ 2-year warranty

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