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Universal strap fastening sytem for boxspring beds

Universal strap fastening sytem for boxspring beds

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ComfortBaby®  Universal Strap System for box spring beds/the parental bed

The ultimate sleeping experience from day one onwards. Securely attach your cot or extra bed to the parental bed. This universal strap system is designed to attach your child’s cot to the parental bed in a safe, secure and straightforward manner — and it’s so easy to use that it only takes a short time. The strap system is ideally suited for box spring beds and parental beds with a width of up to 2.30m. The wooden board comes with a strap that measures 6m in length and is 1.5 cm wide, which can be attached to all common cot designs, while the board itself can be placed between mattresses or under the slatted frame.

Please note: cot not included

✔ Universal strap securing system for baby cots

✔ Suitable for box spring beds

✔ Suitable for beds with weak frames

✔ Suitable for adult beds with a width of up to 2.30m

✔ Wooden securing board dimensions 9.5 cm × 9.5 cm × 1.7 cm

✔ Strap length 6m

✔ Strap width 1.5 cm

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