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Sturdy Canopy Rod With Pedestal For Cots

Sturdy Canopy Rod With Pedestal For Cots

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ComfortBaby® Canopy Rod for Baby Cribs with Stand

Protection from Drafts and Direct Sunlight.

The canopy rod with a sturdy stand is ideal for canopy textiles with a drawstring. A canopy provides protection for your child from drafts and direct sunlight. The canopy rod is suitable for all common baby cribs and can also be used for bassinets. With a height of 1.70m, it offers optimal coverage.

✔ High-Quality Canopy Rod with Stand for Baby Crib / Toddler Bed
✔ Height approximately 170cm
✔ Universally compatible with all baby cribs / toddler beds
✔ Made in EU
✔ Suitable for canopy textiles with canopy drawstring
✔ Color: White

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