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SmartTrip 5in1 Babybed

SmartTrip 5in1 Babybed

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ComfortBaby SmartTrip 5in1 Baby Bed: the Growing Sleep Nest

The safety of our little ones is paramount both during the day and at night. For a peaceful, restful sleep, they need a comfortable mattress, and it should be ensured that falling out is excluded. During breastfeeding, it is convenient for the mother to have the child nearby. In addition, the little ones need a sense of security: they sleep much better in close proximity or direct neighborhood. The solution is provided by the ComfortBaby SmartTrip 5in1 Baby Bed / Co-Sleeper, which includes three different adjustment options. The high-quality product is made from sustainably grown solid wood. The curved, oval shape ensures a modern chic appearance. It is available in the wood colors Natural, White, and Gray.

Safe Baby Bed/ Co-Sleeper

On one side, it can be generously opened. When pushed directly against the parents' bed, it becomes a co-sleeper with dimensions of 1050 x 450 millimeters. The lying surface is continuously adjustable, allowing it to connect seamlessly with standard-height parent beds to form a single surface. The attachment brackets can be easily hooked into the frame of the parent's bed, providing perfect stability. The included casters ensure the highest comfort: it is always possible to place the ComfortBaby Baby Bed anywhere in the apartment without any effort. For example, it can be placed from the bedroom to the living room or kitchen, having the child by your side around the clock.

Adjustable Toddler Bed

On the other hand, the SmartTrip 5in1 Co-Sleeper can be easily transformed into a toddler bed. Simply set the lying surface to the desired depth; the lower it is, the higher the surround presents itself. Now the additional parts come into play, included in the delivery: this includes an additional piece that is attached to the long side of the baby bed. In addition to the safety gate, the baby bed includes a 2-part foam core mattress and another base plate that can be adjusted to any desired height, enlarging the lying surface to 1050 x 700 millimeters.

Playpen Function/ Seating Group

The third option is to transform the ComfortBaby Baby Bed into a playpen. The base plate can be easily set at ground level, maximizing the height of the safety gate. Babies and toddlers benefit from a secure play area. In addition, the mattress provides a comfortable surface.

But there's more:

By separating the two halves and relocating the base plates, a practical table and a comfortable bench are created. This allows you to set up a great extra space where slightly older children can draw or play.


Co-Sleeper 1050x450 mm
Baby Bed 1050x700 mm
Playpen 1050x700x760 mm
50mm Support Wheels

The set includes:

2in1 Mattress
5 Transformations
incl. Pendulum (Swing Function)
4 Wheels

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