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Round Mattress For SmartGrow 7in1

Round Mattress For SmartGrow 7in1

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The Perfect Baby Mattress for Healthy Sleep and Development

As caring parents, ensuring your baby's well-being is your top concern, especially when it comes to their precious sleep. Choosing the right mattress for your child is just as crucial as selecting the right bed. A comfortable and optimally supportive sleeping surface is essential for your child's healthy growth and well-being. That's why at ComfortBaby, we exclusively use high-quality materials for our baby mattresses.

The Importance of the Right Sleeping Position

Since the spines of babies and toddlers aren't fully developed yet, choosing the correct sleeping position is of utmost importance. Your baby should sleep in a flat position to ensure proper spinal development. Excessive sinking into the mattress, similar to a hammock, should be avoided. At ComfortBaby, we understand these requirements and provide mattresses with optimal support and comfort.

The Firmness of the Mattress

It's often heard that "children need a firm mattress!" At ComfortBaby, we focus on a firmness level that's just right for your child and corresponds to the firmness level H2 of adult mattresses. This provides your baby with the right balance of support and comfort. A firm foam core prevents your baby from sinking too deeply into the mattress and being endangered while sleeping on their stomach.

Various Mattress Types for Individual Comfort

ComfortBaby offers a range of mattress types to meet your baby's individual needs. Our models offer the following advantages:

The Foam Core Mattress

Our foam mattress creates a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby. Foam provides optimal support and comfort, reduces pressure points, and ensures proper alignment. The hypoallergenic properties of foam ensure a hygienic sleeping environment.

The Coconut Mattress

A mattress with an integrated layer of coconut provides an excellent balance of comfort and support. Coconut ensures even weight distribution and breathability, while foam increases comfort. The combination of both materials offers a sustainable and supportive sleeping environment.

The Latex Mattress

Our latex mattress combines foam, coconut, and latex for maximum comfort and quality. Latex adapts to your baby's body and reduces pressure points. The coconut layer ensures durability and good air circulation. The mattress is also an environmentally friendly choice.

The Visco Mattress

Visco foam, also known as memory foam, offers unique adaptability to your baby's body shape and temperature. The combination of foam, coconut, and visco layer guarantees comfortable and safe sleep. The pressure-relieving properties of visco foam promote healthy sleep.

Whether newborn or toddler, ComfortBaby has the perfect mattress for your little one. Our mattresses offer not only comfort and safety but also support your child's healthy development. Give your baby the best start into a restful and healthy sleep world with a ComfortBaby baby mattress.

  • Dimensions: 72x72x8cm or 72x72x10cm
  • 4 different variations to choose from
    • Foam core
    • Foam core with coconut
    • Foam core with coconut and latex
    • Foam core with coconut and viscose
  • One-piece mattress
  • 100% polyester cover
  • Cover removable and washable at 30°C
  • Cover quilted on both sides
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