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Screw set for SmartGrow 7in1

Screw set for SmartGrow 7in1

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Available as a half or full set

It happened quickly, a move, leftover screws packed away and not found again, or bought a used bed... There can be many reasons for missing screws. That's why we now offer you the opportunity to order a new set of screws for your SmartGrow 7in1 baby bed. You can choose whether you need a whole set or just half a set.

The whole set includes:
- 24x M6x60 long screws (approx. 6x60mm)
- 14x M6x35 short screws (approx. 6x35mm)
- 12x locking nut
- 16x screw nut

Half set includes:
- 12x M6x60 long screws (approx. 6x60mm)
- 7x M6x35 short screws (approx. 6x35mm)
- 6x locking nut
- 8x screw nut

Thanks to the new screws, you will soon be able to enjoy a well-assembled and complete baby bed.

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