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Round Mattress For SweetDream 10in1 Newborn

Round Mattress For SweetDream 10in1 Newborn

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As parents, you want the best for your baby, especially when it comes to sleep. Choosing the right mattress for your child should therefore be just as important, if not more important, than choosing the bed. When making this choice, you should make sure that your child is lying comfortably but in an optimally supported position. This is crucial for the health, well-being, and development of your child. That's why we at ComfortBaby only use raw materials of the highest quality for our baby mattresses. Since the spine of babies and young children is still "soft" and not fully formed in a double-S shape, it's important that your child lies relatively flat so that the spine can develop properly. Your child should not sink too deeply into the mattress so that it doesn't lie bent like in a hammock. Most people know the saying "children need a hard mattress!". For this reason, and numerous others, ComfortBaby uses a firmness level equivalent to a hardness of H2 of mattress for adults with its mattresses. Another important aspect of our choice of a slightly firmer foam core is that it can prevent your baby from sinking too deeply into the mattress at night and suffocating in a prone position. ComfortBaby offers you a wide range of mattress types for its beds. All of the mattresses provide your child with the appropriate comfort and the necessary safety for a pleasant and peaceful sleep.


The foam core mattress

Create a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby with our foam mattress. A material that is a popular choice for baby mattresses is foam. Foam offers a number of advantages for your baby's sleep, including comfort. The material cushions and supports your baby's developing body, reduces pressure points, and promotes correct alignment. Your baby will be able to sleep peacefully and comfortably without being disturbed by uncomfortable pressure points. Safety is the top priority when it comes to your baby's sleeping environment, and foam is a safe choice. The material is non-toxic and does not contain harmful chemicals, so it is worry-free for parents. Foam is also a durable material with a long lifespan and the ability to maintain its shape over time. This makes it a cost-effective choice in the long run and ensures that your baby can enjoy its benefits for years to come. Cleaning is also an important aspect when it comes to your baby's mattress, and foam is easy to clean. It is naturally resistant to dust mites and other allergens and can be easily cleaned with water and soap to maintain a hygienic sleeping environment for your baby.


The Coconut Mattress

The baby mattress made of foam and integrated coconut layer provides the perfect balance of comfort and support for your little one. Coconut ensures even weight distribution on the mattress through its natural durability and support. The breathable properties of the coconut layer keep your baby cool and comfortable, and its hypoallergenic qualities make it ideal for people with allergies. Additionally, coconut fiber is a sustainable resource and a more environmentally friendly option. Foam adds a layer of comfort to the mattress by conforming to the shape of your baby's body to relieve pressure points and promote a restful sleep. The foam's motion dampening helps absorb movements, ensuring a peaceful sleep for both your baby and you. Our coconut and foam baby mattress is also versatile and durable, offering consistent and even support for your baby's spine and body. The flexible feel of foam makes it easy for your baby to move and change positions, promoting healthy sleep habits. Investing in a baby mattress made from a combination of coconut and foam provides your little one with a safe, comfortable, and supportive sleeping environment.


The Latex Mattress

Our latex mattress consists of three layers. The combination of foam, coconut, and latex layers provides your baby with comfort, safety, quality, and more. These materials work together to create a supportive and comfortable sleep environment for your little one. The foam and latex layers provide cushioning and support to ensure that your baby sleeps comfortably and safely. The unique elasticity of latex allows it to adjust to your baby's body and provide the right support exactly where it's needed the most. This can help reduce pressure points and prevent your baby from waking up due to discomfort. Moreover, latex is one of the most durable materials on the market. Durability is therefore another important factor in choosing a baby mattress. Coconut is a durable, natural material that increases the mattress's durability, making it a long-lasting investment in your baby's sleep. The breathable nature of coconut also ensures good air circulation, preventing overheating. Hypoallergenic properties are another important advantage of a baby mattress with foam, coconut, and latex layers. Latex is naturally hypoallergenic, making it resistant to dust mites, mold, mildew, and other allergens. This makes it an ideal choice for babies with sensitive skin or allergies. For parents who value sustainability, choosing a baby mattress with natural materials like coconut and latex is an environmentally friendly option. These materials are often more sustainable than synthetic alternatives and the mattress can be an investment in your baby's health and the environment. Motion isolation is another advantage of a baby mattress with foam. The foam layer helps reduce movements during the night, keeping your baby's sleep uninterrupted.


The Visco Mattress

Viscose foam is referred to as a high-tech product and is particularly notable for its almost unique material composition, which was originally developed in a NASA research center for space travel. Our Viscose mattress also consists of three layers. The combination of foam, coconut, and viscose layers guarantee your child a comfortable, safe, and high-quality sleep. Viscose foam, also known as memory foam, is a type of foam made from viscoelastic materials and has several special properties that make it a popular choice for various products, including baby mattresses. Due to its reactive damping property, Viscose foam reacts to body heat and pressure and adapts to the shape of the body to provide customized support and comfort. Viscose foam absorbs movements well and is therefore a good choice for babies who have light sleep and are easily disturbed by their movements in sleep. It helps, just like the coconut layer, to distribute the weight of your child evenly over the surface of the mattress, which reduces pressure points and provides a more comfortable sleep surface. Especially for babies, who sleep a lot and spend a lot of time in their bed, the Visco mattress, due to its pressure-relieving properties, is the first choice and is often recommended by orthopedists. Viscose foam is known for its durability and long-lasting support, making the investment in this baby mattress a long-term value. Additionally, memory foam complements the foam and coconut layer in terms of allergy prevention. This combination of fabrics is also resistant to house dust mites, mold, and other allergens, so you can be reassured when it comes to your baby's comfort and health.


Whether you are looking for a mattress for your newborn or growing child, we have the perfect solution for you. Give your baby the best start to a restful and healthy sleep with a ComfortBaby baby mattress.

  • Dimensions: 70x72x8cm or 70x72x10cm
  • 4 different variants to choose from
    • Foam core
    • Foam core with coconut
    • Foam core with coconut and latex
    • Foam core with coconut and visco
  • Mattress in one piece
  • Cover made of 100% polyester
  • Cover removable and washable at 30°C
  • Cover quilted on both sides
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