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Classic Mattress For The SmartGrow 7in1

Classic Mattress For The SmartGrow 7in1

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Discover the 3-part multifunctional and adaptable mattress for the SmartGrow 7in1 - A sleeping paradise for your baby!

With our ComfortBaby Classic foam core mattress for the SmartGrow 7in1, restful sleep for your child is guaranteed. Thanks to the high-quality cold foam, your baby benefits from an extremely pleasant, pressure-relieving effect, ensuring peaceful and comfortable sleep. The high level of comfort ensures that your baby spends the night well and is refreshed for the next day. The foam core mattress is made of polyurethane foam and is also equipped with a removable cotton cover that is quilted on both sides. You can easily remove the cover and wash it in your washing machine at up to 40°C.
The three-part classic mattress is suitable for all SmartGrow 7in1 assembly variations. Whether you use two crescent-shaped elements for the round mattress, all three elements for the oval mattress, or the crescent-shaped elements later as seat cushions for the chairs - with the classic mattress, you have the right solution for all the possibilities that the multifunctional SmartGrow 7in1 offers.

All-in-One sleeping comfort for your baby

The Classic mattress for the SmartGrow 7in1 baby bed by ComfortBaby offers first-class comfort and support for your baby's restful sleep. With a perfectly balanced combination of softness and firmness, this mattress ensures that your little one is cradled in the arms of dreams. The hypoallergenic materials create a healthy sleeping environment and minimize allergy risks.

Breathability for optimal freshness

Our mattress is specially designed to ensure excellent air circulation. This means that your baby always sleeps in a pleasantly tempered environment. The breathable construction helps to dissipate heat and moisture, reducing the risk of overheating and providing a fresh sleeping sensation.

Durable quality for your baby's future

We understand how important it is to invest in your baby's future. Our Classic mattress is made from durable materials that stand the test of time. It literally grows with your baby and fits perfectly into the ComfortBaby SmartGrow 7in1 baby bed. This mattress accompanies your child during their crucial growth years, providing unparalleled sleeping comfort.

Not only will you get the right mattress size your baby needs, but you can also be assured that you're receiving a tested quality product. The 6 cm thick foam core mattress meets the current safety standard for children's furniture. Moreover, the product you receive from us is of high quality, ensuring lasting joy for you and your child. Enjoy your child's peaceful sleep and watch them relax and explore their surroundings every day. After all, restful, deep sleep is just as important for your child's health as recharging their energy to tackle the new day's adventures.


✔ 3-part mattress for all SmartGrow 7in1 assembly variations
✔ Removable and washable cover (up to 40°C)
✔ Dimensions:
            round: 72 x 74 cm
            oval: 72 x 125 cm
✔ Thickness: 6 cm
✔ Quilted cotton cover on both sides

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