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Classic Bedding Set For Round And Oval Children's Beds

Classic Bedding Set For Round And Oval Children's Beds

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ComfortBaby® Baby Bedding Set "Classic" for SmartGrow 7in1 Baby Bed 

Best sleeping experience from day one. The adaptable, multifunctional baby bed.

The bedding set for the adaptable, multifunctional baby bed is made from 100% cotton (Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®). The 12-piece bedding set includes a canopy rod with a screw clamp. A canopy textile with a bow for the canopy rod is provided to protect your child from drafts and direct sunlight. The bedding set is ideal for the SmartGrow 7in1 or SweetDream 10in1 baby bed, but it also fits common baby beds. Two soft bumpers, made from OEKO-TEX cotton, are included in the package. Two pillows, two blankets, and their respective covers are part of the bedding set. A complete set for comfort.

Everything is included: Bedding set for round and oval children's beds. For example, ComfortBaby SmartGrow 7in1 or ComfortBaby SweetDream 10in1

Includes a 12-piece bedding set (Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®):
✔ Includes 2 soft bumpers (for round and oval baby beds)
✔ Includes 2 soft pillows (1x 35x40cm + 1x 40x60cm)
✔ Includes 2 soft blankets (1x 80x80cm + 1x 100x135cm)
✔ Includes covers for blankets & pillows
✔ Includes 1 canopy with bow
✔ Includes canopy rod with screw clamp

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