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Drawer for Oval Baby Cribs

Drawer for Oval Baby Cribs

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ComfortBaby®Drawer for Convertible Baby Cribs SmartGrow 7in1 and SweetDream 10in1

Storage space for toys & bedding - optimize the functionality of your baby crib with a drawer.

As caring parents, ensuring the safety and convenience of your baby is paramount. Having already invested in a high-quality baby crib, could you benefit from a drawer underneath? A drawer under the baby crib offers numerous advantages for both you and your little one. In this article, we will explore why having a drawer under your baby crib is a clever extension that will further enhance your experience with your ComfortBaby crib.

Efficient space utilization:

A drawer under the baby crib provides a practical solution for optimizing the space in your nursery. In a room filled with baby essentials, every inch counts. With an integrated drawer, you can maximize storage space by comfortably storing blankets, diapers, toys, and other baby necessities. Say goodbye to cluttered rooms and enjoy a tidy, organized space.

Easy access to essentials:

Imagine having to change a diaper in the middle of the night or quickly clean up spills. With a drawer under the baby crib, you'll have all the necessary items within reach. No more fumbling in the dark or scrambling to find the needed supplies. The added convenience of having everything at hand makes your nighttime routines smoother and stress-free.

Aesthetic appeal:

In addition to functionality, a drawer under the baby crib can enhance the overall aesthetics of your nursery. With its excellent design, solid materials, and perfect finish, you can choose an accessory that seamlessly blends with your existing furniture and decor. Highlight the visual allure of the room and create a harmonious atmosphere.

Long-term versatility:

Investing in a baby crib with an integrated drawer is a smart decision for the future. As your child grows, their needs change, but the additional storage space remains valuable. Transform the purpose of the drawer from storing baby essentials to keeping books, clothing, or even toys as your little one outgrows the infant stage. If you assemble the cribs in their longest form and later use them as a sofa, you can even fit two drawers, doubling the storage capacity.

With the many benefits a drawer under the baby crib offers for your entire family, it is undoubtedly a valuable extension worth considering. From efficient space utilization and easy access to essentials to long-term versatility, this extension proves to be a practical and convenient solution for modern parents. Invest in a baby crib with an integrated drawer and enjoy the convenience, reassuring feeling, and stylish allure it adds to your nursery. Give your baby the best and embark on a joyful and stress-free journey through parenthood.

The drawer for the SmartGrow 7in1 or SweetDream 10in1 baby cribs is made of solid beech wood, just like the crib itself. Included in the package are wheels, making the drawer an even more convenient room accessory.


  • ✔ Drawer for Oval Baby Cribs SmartGrow 7in1 or SweetDream 10in1
  • ✔ Made of solid beech wood
  • ✔ Includes 4 wheels
  • ✔ Sturdy construction
  • ✔ Ample storage space: 290mmx500mmx750mm HxLxW
  • ✔ Package includes 1x drawer
  • ✔ Weight approximately 7kg
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